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Filling of the Guru Rinpoche Statue

Guru RinpocheAny statue could become an object for meditation only after it has been filled up in the right way. It is an arduous and laborious task including in it cleaning, rolling up countless rolls of mantras, collecting and preparing other valuable materials: rare flowers, herbs, relics, etc. Then all these objects are put inside a statue. This could be done only by the people possessing special knowledge and having blessing of an experienced Tibetan Lama-Tutor.

The filled up statue becomes a pure dimension and a place of an Enlightened Perfect Being. That is the reason why during the process of filling up absolute cleanliness is observed. First of all the inside of a statue is cleaned out of dirt and soot that has been left there after its creation. Then a clean statue is washed up with saffron water. All ingredients that are put inside a statue must be new, beautiful, available, valuable and blessed. The process of filling up is done in accordance with strict rules: every mantra and every relic has its definite place in a statue.

When rolls with special mantras having been put inside, Lama performs a ritual activating chakras or energetic centers of the Enlightened Being. The statue is “reviving”, her eyes, ears, nose begin to be “opened”, etc.

Subtle vibrations of energies that come from the statue begin to resonate with our energy centers, unceasing stream of blessing influence positively on all our existence. Elements of our body and all energies become balanced. This exerts the most beneficial and positive influence upon our health and state of mind. The statue begins to see, feel and hear our requests.
As it is known Guru Rinpoche took upon himself an obligation to come and help living beings in this time of regress and despondency. When reading His cordial mantra and meditating before the statue, one can feel His presence

Om Ah Hum. Bandzr Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

RelicsDuring these days you can also see a part of precious relics that would be put into the Enlightenment Stupa heart-vase, some of them being more than 1000 years old. Most of the relics have not been exhibited until now in public. This is the most exceptional and rare chance to feel blessing of the Great Masters of the remote past.

At the end of the ritual Lama will perform a big Dedication of Merits. Thus our merit and virtue created will not disappear but will remain for ages. Until the Guru Rinpoche Statue will shine in the Enlightenment Stupa that is being constructed in Latvia, this will bring good to countless living beings.